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2013 TOH Top 100 Home Products of the Year!

Color911® was named one of the 2013 TOH Top 100 Home Products of the Year.

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"Color911  is a "Must-Have Resource for the modern homemaker". Lonny Magazine recognizes Color911 as  an intuitive color palette exploration and palette creation solution!" -Lonny Magazine
"We highly recommend Color911. It’s the favorite color app among design professionals and it’s easy to see why. Color911 offers stunning color themes that are available to you by using the app. We are proud to recommend Color911 to you, its simply the best color inspiration you will ever find!" -Morpholio
"Amy Wax's Color 911 app is THE BEST one on the market. With so many apps to choose from, it's important that the colors are accurate and Color 911 is by far the best. A useful tool for designers, color consultants and anyone who is working with color!" -Ellen Kennon
"Featured in Architectural Digest as One of  "Eight Can't-Live-Without Decorating Apps For Your Next Design Project"" -Architectural Digest - Daily AD blog
"=> You guys: Amy Wax knows her stuff (found her via the chat about blogs!)." -#IntDesignerChat
"Simple. Intuitive, Total Apple lover product. From home to clothing color choices outstanding. Confirms your intuition. Like Evernote for color!" -Home Owners
"This app really helped me to choose colors to go with my new rug and sofa. I used a photo of the rug and went from there to create a palette. It’s a great way to try different color combinations, and it’s fun and easy to use!" -S Joyous 2
"The app is great for anyone in the design industry!!" -Design Pro
"It has been useful to me personally in developing paint color palettes. It allows me to keep tidy records of my schemes for easy access. Thanks!" -Design Professional
"This app is so helpful finding colors and putting palettes together. It's also so helpful to keep all my ideas organized and at my fingertips at all times! I absolutely recommend it!" -HP Architecture Student
"Color 911 is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in color -- painting, redecorating, even for a wardrobe. It will totally help keep me and others from making costly mistakes in terms of color choices! It's easy and fun to use, too." -NJAquarian
"I have been a color professional for over 25 years and can say without hesitation that this is the best color app on the market." -Bonnie Krims
"Thank you Amy Wax for the Color911 app! I'm officially hooked! Color is the heart of design," -Melanie Jean Estolano
"We got a demo of the great @color911 app, which allows you to create color palettes in all kinds of fun ways." -@DesignMilk
"Its truly phenomenal! You made finding the right color for your space easy! Hats off to you!" -@Vincentliving
"I have enjoyed using this app. Very helpful and fun to use!" -JSH Designs
"Always interesting how one tool can make your life easier in so many ways. :)" -Ronique Gibson
"Love it! So easy to use. Great tool to impress clients." -Design Professional
"Congrats on creating a great app!" -Kitchen Design Ideas
"Very Cool App!" -Fidero & Sons
"Lovely App!" -29Desires
"Cool! So great to have such a useful tool for this critical element of kitchen design!" -Susan Serra
"I just love the Color911 app and all that it has done for the color in my life! Amy has such an eye for color!" -Julie Raskin
"That looks like a great design tool."
"Just checked out the app- loved it! ;)" -@altcurvestudio
"I've been trying it out. Wow! Totally amazed at how you can pick colors from a photo to add to the palette! Kudos to you!" -Cheryl Richman
"I'm enjoying your app too! It's amazing!" -Lisa Mende
"Just checked out your website.. to say the least we are so amazed and inspired!" -JerzLife USL
"Amy is a true expert." -Leslie Carothers
"Awesome resource for any customer looking to redo their kitchen. Bookmarked!" -GRNY Renovation
"Love your color sense!" -Joe Ruggiero
"The Color911 app has revolutionized the way color can be explored and used... One of my favorite websites honors one of my favorite apps!" -Richard D'Angelo
"Featured in Architectural Digest as one of Eight Can't-Live-Without Decorating Apps For Your Next Design Project" -Architectural Digest - Daily AD blog
"I think this is a very smart, helpful and fun app and it looks like @ThisOldHouse does too." -Rebecca Reynolds

From Award-Winning Color Consultant Amy Wax

Color911® delivers instant color inspiration from color specialist Amy Wax, award winning Color Consultant and recognized author of books specializing in color. Read More About Amy Wax



Choose from Inspiring Themes by Amy Wax



Create Your Own Unique Colors & Palettes



Organize Palettes into Folders & Make Notes

Color911® also allows you to Select Colors From Photos, Create Custom Colors via Color Wheel, and More!


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